Positive Affirmations are Helping Kids

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By Ashley Patek

Little girl in her Calming Corner

Repeat after me: I am strong... I am calm… I am wise. 

It feels good, doesn't it? We all need reminding about the goodness we are every now and then, especially now. Schools are closed, the kids are home, and life can feel uncertain and stressful.

Enter positive affirmation.

Research demonstrates that affirmations can decrease stress, increase well-being, improve academic performance and make people more open to behavior change. Science also tells us that positive affirmations prime the areas of our brain necessary for emotional regulation... and we could all use a bit more of that these days. 

Positive affirmations are an important form of self-talk. Positive (or negative) words are absorbed by the mind and become our belief systems, shaping the very way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Simply put, when we feel worthy and loved, we respond as if we are worthy and loved. And when we feel powerless and not enough, we respond as if we are powerless and not enough.

Given the stress of life, we created this set of powerful "I am____" mantra bracelets as a playful way to help you bring seven powerful affirmations into your home.

    Free Printable Mantra Bracelet Printable for Kids

     Grab your printable set here:

    Use them with the Time-In ToolKit, SnuggleBuddies or on their own. Here are a few creative ways you can use these mantra bracelets:

    • Read each mantra bracelet aloud every morning and invite your children to choose their favorite message of the day to wear. 
    • Create a paper chain by looping and stapling them together. Use your paper chain to decorate a calming space in your home.
    • Read your favorite story aloud and invite children to choose a new mantra bracelet every time they notice a new feeling in the story (happy, sad, etc).
    • While playing with the PeaceMakers mantra cards, choose a bracelet to match the color of the card chosen. Collect all seven bracelets.
    • If you notice your child is sharing a feeling or using a calming strategy featured in your Time-In ToolKit, invite them to choose a bracelet.

    Our seven brightly-colored printable mantra bracelets match the themes found in our Time-In ToolKit and the seven colors and themes found in our SnuggleBuddies, a plush toy line for teaching kids about emotions as well! 

    POWER: Red Bear says, "I AM STRONG."
    JOY: Orange Fox  says, "I AM SILLY!"
    BALANCE: Yellow Lion says, "I AM BRAVE."
    LOVE: Green Hummingbird says, "I AM KIND." 
    PEACE: Blue Dolphin says, "I AM CALM." 
    INTUITION: Indigo Owl says, "I AM WISE." 
    FORGIVENESS: Purple Elephant says, "I AM A FRIEND." 
    Thank you for holding these powerful, positive messages up like a mirror, that both you and your children might better see yourselves as the love you are in these challenging times. You've got this. 


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    Time-in Toolkit in action

    GENM's positive parenting course

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