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Make Connection a Habit



What if I was done? Complete. Leaving me incomplete. Longing to be a work in progress. Round around the edges. Potential yet realized.

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Help! My Child Prefers My Partner, Not Me

What do you do when your child prefers one parent over the other? Here are tools for both the preferred and non-preferred parent. Spoiler alert: This is developmental, temporary and is nothing you are doing wrong.

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5 Simple Daily Mindful Moments For Parents

Whether the kid crew is acting mild or wild, chances are, your days would go a little more smoothly if you started and ended them with a few simple mindful moments. Here are 5 daily mindful moments you can add in (not on) to your day to have less yelling...

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It's Time To Fill Our Cups

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to help us find joy and peace in a time where we may feel exhausted. Explore what fills your cup and triggers your happy.   

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