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Foster and Adoptive Families

At Generation Mindful, we are grateful to families and organizations around the world that help child grow up feeling safe, powerful, and connected. If you are fostering or adopting a child, we see you, and we want to support you. Our tools are evidence based, trauma-informed.For fostering and/or adopting families exclusively, enter the following code at checkout and receive 10% OFF your order.



Please enjoy this monthly private Q & A session between the Founder of Generation Mindful, Parent Educator Suzanne Tucker, and members in our Positive Parenting Class as they discuss managing challenging behaviors, setting boundaries with love, "red light" brains, and more.


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Our six-week online course will teach you how to connect with children playfully while setting and maintaining clear, firm, and consistent boundaries.

Start your more joyful, less stressful parenting journey right now, with a free introduction to positive parenting below.

In this 30 minute video, Tucker introduces the difference between discipline and punishment, and simple ways families can introduce positive discipline into the home.

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