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Do I Need A Parenting Coach?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by parenting lately? Perhaps a bit lost? It’s no secret that this parenting gig is tricky. Here are some reasons why you may benefit from a parenting coach.

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Am I Raising A Pathological Liar?

Worried you are raising a pathological liar? You are not alone. Not only is some degree of lying normal for children, but it is a healthy sign of their developing brain. Read more.

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Social-Emotional Learning Starts At Home

Students who are self-aware and able to understand their emotions have a greater ability to relate to others, make decisions, and excel academically. Here is how to help your child develop social-emotional skills at home. 

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Talking To Our Kids About Death

Death is part of life, yet it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially with our children. Here are 5 tips for parents when talking to their child about death to support their emotional experience and understanding. 

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6 Ways To Build Resilience In Your Child

Often, our parental instincts encourage us to rescue our kids from unpleasant emotions or hijack their experiences to keep them safe. And while we cannot protect them from experiencing stress and distress, we can lean into our love to help them develop skills to handle these challenging moments.

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20 Parenting Phrases to Use in a Pinch

These tried and true phrases will help you respond to your child in a way that keeps the peace, shows empathy, holds boundaries and brings calm to the situation. Test out a few and use the ones that feel right when you need to.

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