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Make Connection a Habit

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How to Become a Cycle-Breaking Parent in 4 Steps

Unlike many of our parents who repressed, denied, ignored, or shamed their own feelings, resulting in abusive explosions and emotional neglect, becoming a cycle breaker means that we commit to FACE-ing our emotions with clarity and deep compassion. Here's how to use FACE (Feel, Amplify, Connect, and Embrace), a 4-step process,...

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Helping Your Kids Process Tragic News

In different ways, we will have conversations with our children about the tragedy that took place and find the resources we need to protect, heal, and grow. We will do our best to prepare them, to arm our babies with love and knowledge and safety. Here are some tips on...

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Parenting DUI's Affect A Child's Self-Worth

In all of our loving intent, we sometimes commit parenting DUI's, which can send our children into a protective response. Here are 3 ways to break the cycle, not only for your child but for your inner child, too.

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Two Words That Soothe A Child’s Heart

Our connection matters. Our children feel it. They need it. They need to know that, no matter what transpired today, no matter what was said, no matter what was spilled or knocked over or broken or uttered, we are good.

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7 Parts Of The Parenting Pie

At its core, parenting is about relationships, and in our search for the perfect discipline tricks, we've lost sight of that. Here are 7 pieces to the "parenting pie" that shape your child’s formative years. 

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What To Do When Positive Parenting Isn't Working

Sometimes parents say that positive parenting “isn’t working” for them, and when that is the case, it’s important to explore why before giving up. Here are some reasons why and 5 things to do when you feel like positive parenting isn't working for your family. 

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Parent Children, Not Labels

It happens subconsciously, but it happens. Our brain judges and labels every input we receive. And since parenting offers us a constant and endless stream of input, at some point, we stop parenting young human beings and start parenting labels instead. Here's how to break the cycle. 

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Do I Need A Parenting Coach?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by parenting lately? Perhaps a bit lost? It’s no secret that this parenting gig is tricky. Here are some reasons why you may benefit from a parenting coach.

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