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Our Story Old

Connecting the generations. 

    Connecting the generations mindfully and playfully.
    Suzanne Tucker, mom of four, has been a physical therapist and parent educator for over 27 years. Generation Mindful was founded based on a need she was seeing in her positive discipline classes. Parent and educators were loving the science of positive discipline, but struggling to take the science of connection practically into everyday life, particularly when they were feeling stressed or their children were acting out.
    Suzanne saw a need for tangible, evidence based tools and toys that make connection a habit in homes and schools, and Generation Mindful was born.
    Generation Mindful creates educational tools and toys that nurture emotional intelligence via play and positive discipline, and our mission is to raise an emotionally healthy world.

    Learn more about the science behind why play and positive discipline strategies work.
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    Hello and thank you for visiting Generation Mindful!

    We can raise children with a clear, firm, and forgiving sort of love, but we can not do it alone. 

    It took motherhood, birthing four children and healing through five miscarriages for me to fully awaken to the intuitive being that I am (that we all are). I see life as a journey and one that we were never meant to do alone.

    Someone once said that adulthood gives each of us the opportunity to be the person that we needed when we were young. This has become the inspiration for my life’s work.

    Together we can move past fear, shame, and pain in the way we raise children. We are Generation Mindful. We are love, and we are enough.

    Please join our free member community of parents, educators and therapists from over 90 countries around the world for weekly support videos and articles on bringing connection, play, and positive discipline into everyday life.

    You've got this, and you are not alone!!! Thank you for adding you to the GENM family.


    Suzanne Tucker

    Suzanne Tucker, Founder