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Make Connection a Habit

self love

The Day My Daughter Shaved Her Head

My daughter sat fearlessly in the barber's chair with a smile across her face as long clumps of hair left her head. And it was then I realized not only what's important in life, but what gives it meaning.

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The "And" Moments

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to help us prepare for the "AND" moments in our lives with love and gratitude. 

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Parenting Through Sleep Deprivation

In solidarity, we stand: All of the sleep-deprived parents out there. Fragmented sleep is hard and it makes parenting mindfully feel like an uphill battle. But even in the haze of of it all, this mama has found her voice, and this is what she shares.

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Trust The Voice Within

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment, allowing us to notice and listen to the small whisper inside of us known as our intuition. How do we follow our own intuition when parenting and how do we afford our children the gift of tuning in and trusting what they...

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My Self-Care Sunday Fail

Self-care looks different for everyone. And it’s certainly not just one big thing you do because someone else tells you it will be therapeutic. Instead, we can put small systems in place that make nurturing our own well-being too small and too easy to fail, and here's how. 

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It's Time To Fill Our Cups

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to help us find joy and peace in a time where we may feel exhausted. Explore what fills your cup and triggers your happy.   

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