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Growing a Growth Mindset: The Big Life Journal

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By Alex Petrou

Parenting is hard. 

I am 17 years into the raising of humans, and of this one thing I am absolutely certain. I will NEVER get it "right". The good news is this: getting it "right" is no longer my goal. 


Today I had the pleasure of chatting with mom and co-creator of the Big Life Journal Alexandra Eidens. Listen in as we talk about the gift of "doing it wrong" and the difference this 'lil journal is having for children ages 6-7 and up.

Help launch the book and get in on a special discounted rate HERE by supporting the Big Life Journal's crowdfunding campaign.

Want some extra help in letting go of "right" and finding more joy and less stress in parenting? Check out this free one hour webinar called Parenting From Your Center (When You Are Pissed Off)


It is SO not about being perfect.

The truth is, we can have a powerful, positive impact on our children when we embrace our limitations (and our children's!) and practice parenting from a growth mindset.

Join me and thousands of other parents in the Generation Mindful community as we move past the many pitfalls that come with having a fixed mindset. 

Take the free webinar. Order yourself a Big Life Journal. Say "no" to mama/papa guilt and "yes" to being enough.


Suzanne Tucker, founder

Suzanne Tucker, Founder of Generation Mindful, has helped thousands connect on a deeper level to themselves and their families. As a physical therapist with a focus on attachment, and parent educator, Suzanne offers Infant Massage and Positive Parenting classes, and private parenting support.

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