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I'm Having My Best Day Yet

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By Alex Petrou

Feelings Friday #16 - I'm Having My Best Day Yet 

Two weeks ago, along with my six siblings and my mom, I held my fathers hand as, after 85 years of enjoying every drop of fun from life that God intended, he passed away. 

This week's Feelings Friday is born out of the FULLY ALIVE way my dad lived his life. 

This is my dad, exactly one year ago, fixing a 40-foot long flagpole at age 84, pausing his concrete mixing just long enough to pretend to be beating me into digging with a stick. I’m telling you, he could find the fun in anything.

Though my father died on August 5th, his mischievous spirit and the gratitude he embodied lives on.

I hope you take his favorite six little words and infuse a little Leo Sr. into your life as well. 

I overheard my mom on the phone saying to a friend, “Heaven’s gettin’ good”, the other day, and I have to tell you, I wholeheartedly agree.

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  • Kathy Slattengren

    Thank you for sharing some of the important things you learned from your Dad. He sounds like a wonderful man filled with joy and a bit of mischief! I love his response “I’m having my best day yet.”

  • Dana Hauser

    This brought tears to my eyes as I remeber my own dad’s twinkiling eyes !What a wonderful, bright light he must have been and you are so much like him! Beautiful tribute and my heart goes out to you – even in your loss you are finding a way to spread light and love – no better way to honor this incredible man who was your father!!
    It’s an easy one to remember too! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Sheryl

    Love – you – love the love you are spreading – from source energy, through your dad – and radiating out to the world from and through time. You are safe, you are love, and you are loved. Love, Sheryl

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