Manage Your Emotions, And Your Child's Too: Interview With Suzanne Tucker

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By Ashley Patek

In a recent episode of The Motherly Podcast, Liz Tenety interviewed Suzanne Tucker, positive parenting parent educator and founder of Generation Mindful.

According to Tucker, mindful parenting starts with us, but this doesn't need to leave us feeling guilty when we lose it.

"You can actually be yelling at your child and be mindful. If you notice you're yelling and you pause - and this is gonna freak you out - but you celebrate. You celebrate! You say I'm yelling. I noticed I'm yelling and then you take a deep breath. Then you have some power. You actually have some choice, and you can do something different, but not if you're busy beating yourself up." 

Suzanne's interview on Motherly

Says Tucker, "You cannot control or make your kids someone they're not. And once we get clear about what we can and cannot do and where our power lives, we can light a fire under transformation --- and things that were really really hard yesterday can magically feel easy one day later."

As we learn to notice and manage our emotions, we can model and teach our children to do the same.

Catch the full podcast episode by clicking PLAY above.


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