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By Ashley Patek

Mama, tell me about my sister.
His big brown eyes
Looked up with wonderment.
Do you hold her?
Bringing my hands to my heart,
I smiled and said, "In here."
Do you see her?
His hand fell into mine as I pointed.
The trees, the butterflies, the stars … She’s there.
Do you talk to her?
I closed my eyes so I could hear.
Yes, if you listen, her sounds are everywhere.
Mama, will you show me more?
Quietly nodding,
I untucked a keepsake from my drawer.
I showed him her onesie,
She only wore it once.
I showed him her picture,
He said, "Wow, she was a baby just like us."
What happened, mama?
Why didn’t she come home?
Her body laid so still at birth, I said,
But her soul knew where to go.
Tears in my eyes,
A knowing on his face.
He hugged me tightly and whispered softly,
“Mama, she will always have a place.”

•  •  •

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