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15 Ways To Make This Mother’s Day A Day To Remember


By Ashley Patek

Mother's Day

Unique times call for unique measures. 

For the mamas of the world, Mother’s Day is often filled with family and tradition, whether it is attending Mass, brunch, dinners, BBQ’s or outdoor activities. With social distancing in full effect, families are re-evaluating how to celebrate big holidays. If you are feeling a little lost on what to do for the mothers in your life this year, we have compiled a list of some unique experiences to give her.

Here are 15 ways to make this Mother’s Day a day to remember:

1. Support local businesses

Body Butter

With the economy affecting small businesses, show your support by purchasing a Mother’s Day gift from a local shop. Surprise her with a curbside pick-up from her favorite donut/cupcake place; hand-made herbal soaps, body butter or essential oil blends from a local vendor; handcrafted jewelry or find her a meaningful gift on Etsy. 


2. Make her a playlist

Woman listening to headphones

With many households feeling the effects of a changing economy, turn to budget-friendly options like creating a Spotify playlist of her favorite songs for a kitchen dance party, or a download a couple of meditations to help her de-stress and find her calm. 

3. Support her hobbies

Woman doing yoga with her son

With more time at home, the mama in your life may have more time to start that hobby she has always wanted to do. Maybe she desires to learn to knit, to garden or do yoga. Surprise her with tools to help inspire and support her interests. 

4. Send her to the “spa”

Two girls doing a spa day

Turn your home into a zen den. Offer relaxing music while giving her time for a hot bath (maybe add essential oils, candles, and Epsom Salt), paint her nails, make your own body scrubs, or give her a facial with a DIY mask and cucumber eyes! 

5. Give her alone time

Woman reading a book while wearing headphones

Offer quiet time to read that book she has been meaning to get to, or for a nap, a meditation session, or to do her favorite virtual exercise class. Invite her to gather her friends and grab her a ticket for a quarantine book club, which lets her connect with some of her favorite authors online.

6. Make something from the heart

Drawing a heart

They say some of the best gifts are home-made gifts that speak to the heart. Make a candle, a memory book filled with family pictures, a handwritten card, painted hand/footprints from the kiddos, or create a quarantine capsule

7. Fill her love jar

Mother's Day love jar

Quite literally. On small pieces of paper, write statements that start with “What I love about you is …” and put them in a jar. Have her pull one love note a day, or anytime she wants a little extra connection. 

8. Ask her on a nature date

Family walking in nature

Nature is one of the most beautiful gifts, and the best part, it’s free! Plan a picnic, go on a nature walk, play in the garden or create a nature scavenger hunt that engages all 5 senses. 

9. Serenade her

Playing Ukulele

Music has a way to nurture the soul. Arrange for a 10-15 minute Guitarist  Video Call to play her favorite songs. Or even better, gather your own instruments (even if that means the pots and the pans) and play some tunes. 

10. Cook for her

Family Dinner

Surprise her with breakfast in bed, or cook her favorite meal. Or maybe, if the mama in your life enjoys cooking, ask to join her, cook together, and eat a family-style dinner. 

11. Give her a brunch date with the ladies 

Woman having a virtual brunch

Coordinate a few of her mama besties for a virtual brunch date. She can get in her girl's time and connect all from the comfort of her home! 

How to connect to moms outside of your home

12. Send a care basket

Mother's Day basket

Build a care basket of her favorite goodies and drop it off at her door, or send a premade one her way. 

13. Attend a virtual mass

Couple looking at the computer

Some family traditions include going to Mass on Mother’s Day. Join in on a virtual mass or plan a call and lead your own! 

14. Honor social distancing

Father dancing with his daughter

If the mom in your life lives close, surprise her by showing up to play an “outdoor concert” in her yard, drive-by with a handmade Mother’s Day sign for her very own Mother’s Day parade, or suggest that you both sit near a window (her inside the house and you outside) and have a phone chat with only the glass to separate you.

15. Go digital

Mother with her two children looking at computer

We are blessed in a time of abundant virtual platforms, which makes connecting with those outside of the home much more accessible. Plan a video chat using Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to visit with family. If your kiddos are quick to lose interest, here are some ideas: 

  1. Use filters 

  2. Send a Mother’s Day gift and have her open it during the virtual chat

  3. Read a book or do an art project as a family during the video chat

  4. Host a virtual family dinner

  5. Use SnuggleBuddies or PeaceMakers cards to share feelings and connect


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