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Green Hummingbird SnuggleBuddies Emotions Plush

$ 32.00 USD $ 32.00 USD

Help Kids Snuggle Up To Their Feelings With SnuggleBuddies!

Green Hummingbird reminds us that we are love, just the way we are. Green Hummingbird is one of seven PeaceMaker Pals in the SnuggleBuddies collection, helping children around the world learn to name and regulate their feelings. Each PeaceMaker Pal brings a different peace-making power we all have inside us to life! 

The four "storyteller" mood emojis that live inside each SnuggleBuddy teach children the four main mood groups (Happy, Sad, Calm, Mad) and help them to share how they are feeling in daily, playful ways as well as during tantrums, meltdowns, or moments of frustration. 

With over 6 ways to play, each SnuggleBuddies Plush comes with our SnuggleBuddies Feelings Sing-a-long Video and laminated Feelings Journal to help make mindfulness and noticing our feelings a daily habit!

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