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Extra Set 35 Resealable Clings

$ 8.00 USD

Have you ordered the Time-In ToolKit but find you could use an additional set of 35 resealable PeaceMakers animal cling that come in the kit? Then this extra sheet option is for you.

One set is already included in every Time-In ToolKit.

An extra sheet is ideal if you have many little hands that will be using the ToolKit and/or if one gets lost or damaged.


All children deserve to feel powerful, safe and connected.

We have the science but we lack the skills. This is where the Time-In ToolKit and Generation Mindful's supportive community come in.

positive reinforcements works

Children can learn self awareness, social awareness, self care and social skills in much the same way they learn to read and write, through modeling. We, as adults, deserve not only effective tools, but a supportive community to grow into these tools and to do our own healing and growing, free from shame and judgement. 

Lotus, age 7, after reading her PeaceMakers card "I am silly" to her mom.
Lotus, age 7, after reading her PeaceMakers card "I am silly" to her mom.

The Time-In ToolKit makes connection, instead of punishment, a habit, nurturing children's social and emotional skills through everyday teaching moments at home or in the classroom.  


connect before you correct a child

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