Executive Functioning Masterclass for Educators

$ 299.00 USD $ 299.00 USD

Short on time but your students executive functioning needs are high? Join Dr. Rebecca Branstetter for this fun, self-paced course and learn practical tools to teach executing functioning skills in just a few minutes a day! 


Group rates available.

Learn Practical Tools to Teach Executive Functioning in just a few minutes a day.

  • Are you an educator, school psychologist, or mental health professional who wants an easy-to-use toolkit for teaching vital executive functioning skills like focus, impulse control, and organization?
  • Are you tired of searching for resources to teach executive functioning skills and wish you had an all-in-one system to teach executive functioning skills to kids instead of cobbling together resources from all over the place?
  • Do you feel crunched for time and need a research-based, short, and easy-to-use toolkit of activities you could do with kids and teens TODAY?

Whether you're a teacher, therapist, or school-based mental health professional, you no longer have to search down a "Google rabbit hole" for practical ways to boost kids' executive functioning!

For group rates, please email support@genmindful.com.

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