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Restorative Discipline and Mindfulness in the Classroom

Join us for a free two-day event designed to educate and empower future generations!  

Restorative Discipline and Mindfulness in the Classroom is a free professional development event for Pre-K through third-grade educators, therapists/counselors, and administrators wanting to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for students, even in the face of challenging behavior. Space is limited.


Program Outcomes:

Meet the Hosts!

SUZANNE TUCKER, FOUNDER, GENERATION MINDFUL has been a physical therapist and parent educator since 1992. Suzanne founded Brentwood Center of Health, a holistic outpatient rehabilitation center in 2002 with her husband and has been teaching mindful parenting classes, including infant massage, for over two decades.


CASEY GARCIA, B.B.A., Master Pilates Instructor, C.H.E.K. certified holistic lifestyle coach with a passion for teaching about mind & body connections. She currently shares her passion for health and wellness at Life Time Fitness, The Healthy Way of Life Company, in West County, MO.


ASHLEY PATEK, Occupational therapist, lymphedema specialist, Pilates Instructor and C.H.E.K. certified holistic lifestyle coach. As a therapist for over 8 years, Ashley has experience with pre-k and elementary age children with a focus on mindfulness activities, breath work, sensory integration, fine and gross motor, environment modification and developmental play. 



Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15 


8:45 AM to 12:00 PM


The College School 

7825 Big Bend Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63119

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Generation Mindful