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Positive Parenting Class Monthly Q and A's

I am so glad you are here, catching one of our monthly live Positive Parenting Course Q and A's on the replay.

I hope this video will support you and your parenting for months/years/generations to come.  

Join our Online Parenting Course and be invited to these live sessions each month. Together, we will tackle some of your biggest parenting pickles, and I'll have the opportunity to answer your specific questions! 


Putting the science of play into action.

While we often use play to teach the ABCs and 123s, we rarely think to use it in the moments when our children are experiencing heightened emotions, where positive (aka restorative) childrearing methods can make a big difference in the way kids learn to process feelings.

We created the PeaceMakers card game and the Time-In ToolKit to help children understand their emotions, talk about their feelings, and strengthen their emotional intelligence.