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Playing With SnuggleBuddies

Playing With SnuggleBuddies

This plush toy with a purpose is helping children around the world learn to name, share, & regulate their feelings!

The four color-coded mood emojis inside every SnuggleBuddies encourage children to share their emotions on a daily basis.

Introducing Your Snuggle Buddies

Meet Each SnuggleBuddy

Bring Your Feelings To Life

Bring Your Feelings To Life

6 Ways To Play With SnuggleBuddies

6 Ways To Play With SnuggleBuddies

01. Singing Time

Sing the SnuggleBuddies Feelings Song (bit.ly/GENMSBSong) and ask children to call out an emotion at the end of the song. Ask children to share a story about a time when they felt this way.

The SnuggleBuddies Song

“When did I feel happy? When did I feel sad?

When did I feel calm? When did I feel mad?

Will you tell a story about a feeling that you had?

What happens in your body, when you're feeling..."

02. Name That Emoji

Say a feeling word and see if children can find the emoji to match the feeling you shared. Start with the basic four mood groups of happy, sad, calm & angry/scared, adding other emotions as children learn and grow.

03. Bedtime Rituals

Invite children to pull the mood emojis out one at a time, sharing moments from their day when they felt that emotion, or listen to our Bedtime Meditations!

04. Meltdowns

Children can point to the mood emoji that matches the way they are feeling without needing to "use their words", a skill that may elude them when triggered.

05. Time-Ins

For more on adding SnuggleBuddies to a Calming Corner and using Time-In's (instead of time-outs), check out our Time-In ToolKit.

06. Morning Meetings

Start each day with circle time and pass your SnuggleBuddies around, inviting children to find the plush mood emoji to represent how they are feeling.

Other Great Examples

Tell Us How YOU Play With SnuggleBuddies

Send us your photo examples, stories, and videos on how you and your family are using your SnuggleBuddies to make lasting connections!

Thank you!

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