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Parenting From Your Center When You're Pissed Off | April 13th, 12 CST (Live Webinar)

Have you embraced positive parenting only to find yourself feeling triggered and punishing your children anyway?! Do these moments leave you feeling frustrated, guilty and just plain "not enough"? 

Join attachment specialist, parent educator, and founder of Generation Mindful Suzanne Tucker for this FREE one-hour live webinar and learn how to:

  • Banish momma/papa guilt with one simple phrase. 
  • Identify your parenting "kryptonite" - the thing that's keeping you from your parenting super power (aka the ability to remain calm in the face of chaos.)
  • Be with "big" emotions, regulating your body and mind while teaching your children to do the same.

This event is one of three webinars Generation Mindful's founder, Suzanne Tucker, is presenting within Peaceful Homes & Classrooms 2017.

After you register above, be sure to join the entire FREE three week long event which runs from April 10-28th for access to dozens of other events and resources!

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3 Ways to Support Social Emotional Regulation in the Classroom | April 27th, 12 CST (Live Webinar)

Register for one or more of these FREE live webinars today you'll receive the video replay after the event is complete along with Generation Mindful's printable 12-step Mindful Parenting Checklist.