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Children aren't born knowing how to regulate their emotions any more than they are born knowing how to tie their shoes.

Regulation is a skill, so let's teach it!

connect with your children
Connection is Key
Children who feel safe have an easier time learning social emotional skills.
play based products for learning emotions
Transform Tantrums
Our practical, play-based products make using positive discipline easy!
change the way kids are raised
We Are The Change
Join our community and together we can raise an emotionally healthy world.

We can teach children social and emotional skills in much the same way we teach them their ABC's and their 123's. The Time-In ToolKit gives you everything you need to create a Calming Corner in your home, classroom, daycare center, therapy practice and more for ages 3 to 9+.

Start responding instead of reacting to big emotions and challenging behavior by using Time-In's. Click the photo to learn more.

game changer tool
"After just a few days we saw a difference. This has been a game-changer for my husband and I as well as for our kids."
goodbye to time-outs
"We said goodbye to time-outs and now I know how to discipline my kids without punishment!"
practical tools
"These tools are practical and engaging, correlating beautifully with what I have already been teaching my students!"
colorful and playful tools for kids
"I love these colorful and playful tools for teaching little minds how to grow and regulate. Spot on. Thank you!"