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Growing a Growth Mindset: The Big Life Journal

Parenting is hard.

I am 17 years into the raising of humans, and of this one thing I am absolutely certain. I will NEVER get it "right". The good news is that is not my goal anymore.


Today I had the pleasure of chatting with mom and co-creator of the Big Life Journal Alexandra Eidens. Listen in as we talk about the gift of "doing it wrong" and the difference this 'lil journal is having for children ages 6-7 and up.

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If you work on one thing in the name of being a better parent this year, I invite you to make it this: the art of embracing mistakes. 

Why? Because without this superpower (aka a "growth mindset") we are basically doomed to a life of guilt and never enough-ness. Really. Think about it. When our overarching parenting goal is set to "doing it right" the only alternative is to be a perfect parent and, pardon me if this is news to you or comes off a little bit too bluntly, but that shit ain't happening. 

It is SO not about being perfect.

Research shows we have a powerful, positive impact on our children when we practice parenting from a growth mindset.

Join me and thousands of other parents as we take a closer look at what it means to hold on tight to letting go. To move past judgment and all the many pitfalls that come with having a fixed mindset.

Take the free webinar. Order yourself a Big Life Journal. Say "no" to mama/papa guilt and "yes" to being enough.