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Travel Time-In ToolKit

$ 9.00 USD

Take your Time-In ritual on the go with this handy laminated version for your purse, backpack, car, etc with the calming strategies you know and love from our original Time-In ToolKit.


The Travel Time-In ToolKit helps you connect with your children "brain to brain", guiding them through the stages of emotional regulation with the same positive, concrete, and engaging visuals your child is already used to playing and working with from the Time-In ToolKit for social-emotional learning.

Our internationally-acclaimed Time-In ToolKits are for use at home or in the classroom with children ages 2 or 3 on up, and are trusted by over 500,000 caregivers and professionals in over 90 countries!

Start using Time-Ins to transform challenging behaviors today! 



We are never too old or too young to practice emotional regulation or to be reminded that emotions are sacred, and always safe to feel.


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