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Parents Play Guidebook: 10 Minutes of Play for 10 Days

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Increase positive behavior in your child with play in just 10 minutes a day!


This interactive guidebook helps parents strengthen their child's social-emotional skills in just 10 days. Learn 10 simple and fun improv games to help you connect with your child, decrease attention-seeking behavior, grow your child's confidence and imagination, and add laughter and joy to every day!

  • Does your child demonstrate attention-seeking behavior?
  • Do you often run out of ideas on activities to do with your child?
  • Does your child have an active imagination that you can't always keep up with?
  • Do you ever feel guilty you are not able to spend enough time with your child?
  • Then, this is the ebook for you!

    Start using play to improve behavior, develop social skills, and create a closer bond with your child today.

    What's in the Guidebook?

    Use the improv games in this guidebook to learn new ideas, expand your imagination as a parent, and spend quality time playing with your child! 

    This Guidebook Includes:

    10 social-emotional skill building games you can play with your child
    Reflection questions for each game to ask yourself and your child
    Journal sections to track your reflections and experiences

    This guidebook is interactive! You can print the guidebook or simply click the journal boxes in the guidebook to save your reflections digitally. 

    Why Improv?

    Improv games help parents become more playful and present with their kids while building relationship skills, trust, and imagination.

    You may have heard of the golden rule of improv: Yes, and!  

    Parents can learn to “yes-and” their children’s play through improv games. During this process, parents and children start to embody “the improviser’s mindset,” growing their imagination, confidence, and social-emotional skills.

    Exercising a child’s imagination is the first step in strengthening empathy, perspective, and understanding various points-of-view. Imagination, like anything else, can only be fully developed through practice.

    Luckily for all you parents out there...children teach YOU to be imaginative and playful as well!

    Improv games allow us to let our silly shine!

    Humor is a powerful medicine for parents and children...to laugh with one another is the ultimate bonding experience. 

    Why Play?

    Playtime is essential for children learning the social-emotional skills needed in life and allows them to explore personal approaches to managing stress with laughter and curiosity.

    Playing with your child builds rapport and a stronger relationship overall. As parents, the people we often respect and love the most are those who show us respect and love in return. Our children are no different. We can show respect and love to our children through play, and parents will see their children’s respect and love reflected beautifully. 

    Children grow up fast... but we never have to grow out of play!



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