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Heart SnuggleBuddies Emotions Plush & Book Bundle

$ 32.00 USD $ 32.00 USD

5 Days Only! Pre-order this limited-edition Heart SnuggleBuddies Emotions Plush and Heart's Treasure Hunt book, where Heart goes on an adventure to find where love lives...


Heart comes with 4 attached mood emojis that help us recognize and name our big feelings. Every order also includes a re-usable My Feelings Weekly Calendar.  

Playfully teach kids about their emotions and discover where Love lives!

The perfect addition to any Calming Corner, our Heart SnuggleBuddy and children's book teach children the four main mood groups (Happy, Sad, Calm, Mad/Scared) and help them to share how they are feeling in daily, playful ways - as well as during tantrums, meltdowns, or moments of frustration. 

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