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Make Connection a Habit


How Mindfulness Helped Me Focus My ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD at six-years-old. I was given medication that helped my teacher teach me and other students be around me, but it didn't help me learn skills to regulate my emotions. From a child who had a difficult time with emotions, to now working with similar kiddos, here’s what...

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Ask Andrew: Flexible Thinking

Andrew answers today's question: How can I help my 5-year-old who is on the spectrum with his rigid thinking? Once he makes his mind up about something there is no changing it!

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Ask Andrew: Respecting Sibling Differences

Andrew answers today's question: Our oldest son is on the spectrum and our youngest is a fairly sensitive child. Often we find the oldest plays in such a way that is overwhelming for the younger one. How can we make the younger one feel safe while allowing the oldest to play...

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Ask Andrew: Finding Ways To Motivate

Andrew answers today's question: I am working with a family that struggles to motivate their son to practice the application of new skills. Any advice on how to discuss the importance of things or improve motivation? This kiddo is highly intelligent and strong-willed.

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Practicing Transitions To Reduce Meltdowns

Children are concrete learners and often thrive off of predictability, so it can be hard for them to pivot, especially when the request is to move from a preferred activity to a less preferred task. Here are 5 tools to help children with transitions. 

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Ask Andrew: Finding Your People

Andrew answers today's question: My 14 year-old daughter with autism doesn’t get invited to things and gets mad at her 6 year-old sister because of jealousy, I think. What can I do to help her with this?

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