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Make Connection a Habit

Highly Sensitive Child

Helping Your Highly Sensitive Child Gain Confidence

When our children are highly sensitive, rejection and criticism hurt more deeply. They get embarrassed easily and have strong emotional reactions, which can make them the target for bullying. Here are 5 tools to boost your child's confidence. 

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Parenting In This Day And Age Is Hard As #*@%

Parenting will trigger parts of you that you didn’t even know could be triggered. Things that have been pushed down inside of you (consciously or subconsciously) will surface and leave you in the ultimate WTF moment! Nonetheless, we are all in the beautiful struggle of parenting together and I remind myself that...

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Portable Emotional ToolKit for Sensitive Kids

How do you discipline a highly sensitive child? Using time-ins help children understand and mange their deep emotional world, nurturing connection and emotional intelligence. Here are 8 tips to building a portable ToolKit for your child to help them regulate not only at home but on the go.

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