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Playing With PeaceMakers

Nurture emotional intelligence including self-love, social skills, a growth mindset, confidence, and more!

PeaceMakers help children and adults connect in daily, playful ways around the things that matter most: our ideas and our feelings.

Each card delivers a unique, affirming message designed to nurture emotional intelligence including self-love, social skills, a growth mindset, confidence, and more.

These messages are brought to life by centering conversations, activities, and stories around the themes in just five minutes or more a day.

7 Ways To Play With PeaceMaker Cards

...the possibilities are endless!

01. Ask Questions

Pull a card, read it together, and then listen to children's thoughts and ideas.

You might ask," What do you think about that?", "What does this mean to you?", or "Does this remind you of anything?".

They might have a lot to share, or very little. They might even feel the card is untrue. Either way, make it your job to listen.

Finally, share you thoughts and then post the card as a visual reminder to inspire all thought the day.

02. Plan Activities

Select books, games, movies, crafts, songs, and more to explore a single thought, word or action your card embodies.

03. See Each Other

Pull a card and play, "I see you", describing each person's strengths as they relate to the card they selected.

04. Dream Together

Create a piece of artwork as a group, inspired by your card. Display the art and use it as both a vision board and a shared reflection tool.

05. Foster Intelligence

Set aside time to cultivate emotional intelligence. Practice quieting mind and body, breathing slowly and deeply. Once you feel calm, repeat your mantra three times. Say it to yourself throughout the day.

06. Journal Creatively

Pull a card and write or draw about your life as it relates to the card's message.

07. Invent New

The possibilities are endless. Play version of Go Fish, Old Maid, Snap, matching games and more.

Other Great Examples

Spark imagination, follow your child's lead, and make playing with PeaceMakers a daily playful ritual!

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Tell Us How YOU Play With PeaceMakers

Send us your photo examples, stories, and videos on how you and your family are using the PeaceMakers to make lasting connections!

Thank you!

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