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Practicing Transitions To Reduce Meltdowns

Children are concrete learners and often thrive off of predictability, so it can be hard for them to pivot, especially when the request is to move from a preferred activity to a less preferred task. Here are 5 tools to help children with transitions. 

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Does Self-Care Feel Like A Chore?

Empowerment self-care is when we can be with the current moment with joy and ease, noticing how we feel and asking ourselves, “What is it that I want and need, and how do I make that happen?” Here's how to listen to your sensory body and 5 simple self-care breaks for...

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Building Emotional-Intelligence Through Play

As parents we tend to put pressure on ourselves and our kids when it comes to play and learning. But when we step back and let nature and biology take over, we actually see that children are wired to learn through play. Learn how to use unstructured (free) play to teach...

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My Self-Care Sunday Fail

Self-care looks different for everyone. And it’s certainly not just one big thing you do because someone else tells you it will be therapeutic. Instead, we can put small systems in place that make nurturing our own well-being too small and too easy to fail, and here's how. 

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