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Make Connection a Habit


What To Do When Positive Parenting Isn't Working

Sometimes parents say that positive parenting “isn’t working” for them, and when that is the case, it’s important to explore why before giving up. Here are some reasons why and 5 things to do when you feel like positive parenting isn't working for your family. 

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How To Reduce Your Child's Exposure To Shame

Shame eats away at a child’s core emotional need to feel loved and connected, leaving them feeling small, unworthy, flawed, and unacceptable. As we learn to heal our shame wounds, we give our children chances for a healthy and happy emotional life. Here are 3 shame-free discipline tactics. 

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20 Parenting Phrases to Use in a Pinch

These tried and true phrases will help you respond to your child in a way that keeps the peace, shows empathy, holds boundaries and brings calm to the situation. Test out a few and use the ones that feel right when you need to.

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5 Powerful Phrases To Say To Children That Boost Brain Development

Our words have the power to build up our children, nurture and guide them. They also have the power to cripple, shrink, and wound. It is these 5 phrases, spoken by well-intended parents, that tend to miss the mark on paving pathways for self-discipline and emotional regulation. Here's what to say...

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Teaching Your Child How To Be Mad

It’s not about teaching our children not to be mad, sad, or frustrated. It’s about teaching them how to be mad, sad, and frustrated. Rather than teaching them to suppress or bottle their emotions, we can empower our children to move through them in healthy ways. Here's how. 

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